Counting your calories is the only way to maintain a healthy diet plan. While it may seem cumbersome and at times painful and irritating, counting your calories works and is very efficient. If you are starting a new, healthy diet plan, you might probably want to check up with your dietitian on what is the required calorie intake for your body and what is your current intake. Based on the difference in the calorie intake, a diet plan will be formulated.

While the numbers may vary slightly, the average human male requires about 1800 calories per day and the average human female requires about 1500 calories per day. If this number is adhered to strictly, then there will be no more weight gain on your body as it processes the exact amount of calories Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Transformation Photos taken in by the system. However, this is not enough to burn down the existing fat in the body that is required for a weight loss program. In order to effect loss of weight, one needs to perform sufficient exercises to keep to calories inside the body burning. It is estimated that an average of 500 calories need to be burned per week to show significant results.

This means that a healthy diet is not sufficient to lose wight. It must be combined with a fitness program that gives both aerobic and anaerobic work-outs. Aerobic exercises include walking, jogging, running, cycling, skipping, cardio, etc. These are massive fat burning exercises that are designed for all-round shaping of the body. However, these exercises are not good for spot reduction. This is where anaerobic exercises come into play. These include weight training, muscle building and indoor exercising. Anaerobic exercises are not built for enhancing the breathing process and are for improving the body’s resting metabolism.

Also, a healthy diet is one that is balanced. It ought to consist of all the nutrients available. Some people tend to ignore certain carbohydrates and fats because of the fear that they may contribute to additional weight gain. What they don’t realise is that the body requires certain fats and carbohydrates to keep the energy levels high. Also, not all fatty acids are harmful. Some of them are in fact, useful for weight loss programs. If

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